Inner conflict resolution

If we do not like how others treat us, then maybe it is time to change – not them, but us! If we accept responsibility for our part in our relationships, we stop being a victim. Our self-esteem grows. We become able to stand up for ourselves without fear of losing others’ approval. Inner conflict resolution empowers us to become who we really are.

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Still here

Even with all our shortcomings, humanity is still here. This is a testament to our strength of spirit and our determination to keep on improving and growing. No, we’re not perfect, but we keep trying.

Learning to walk

Our Creator is not angry with us, has not forsaken us, loves us unconditionally. Spiritually speaking, we are allowed to make mistakes – to fall and scrape our knee – how else could we learn to walk with the angels?

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How to change the world

Leo Tolstoy

Leo Tolstoy said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

Well, change your thoughts and your life will change. Then those around you will change. Then … are you ready for this? The world will change.

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Sons of Light vs. Sons of Darkness

“Sons of light” vs. “sons of darkness” is a biblical reference to humans. It infers that some of us (the good ones) come from God, while the rest of us (the bad ones) come from Evil.

The newer understanding is that this is a reference to human behaviors, rather than to our actual nature. In Truth, we are all children of the Universal Intelligence*.

Within each of us is the capacity for great good (light) and great evil (darkness). The point is that each of us can flip either way, given the circumstances of the moment. No one is all good or all evil.

Sons of-2

* Universal Intelligence: The Source of everything. It is energy: deeply intelligent, responsive, unconditionally loving, energy. When connecting with it, we may feel an upwelling of emotion that literally brings tears to our eyes. We know then that everything is ok; there’s nothing we need to do or change to gain approval. We are loved unconditionally in every moment of our existence.

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Echo chamber


We can be said to be living in a self-imposed echo chamber, if we instantly dismiss ideas about spirituality that disagree with our own. How can we grow spiritually stronger, wiser, if we refuse to look at new information? The physical consequences of such a choice can include hearing and vision loss, leg, foot and gait issues, and certain forms of arthritis.

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