What is “Our Spiritual Nutrition”?

Our spiritual nutrition consists of the thoughts, attitudes, emotions, behaviours, belief systems and desires that we feed ourselves throughout our life’s journey. Paying attention to these enables us to find the hidden meanings wrapped inside our everyday experiences, which in turn enables us to identify those needing refinement.

It’s easy to just deny that we ever have negative thoughts, attitudes or emotions and be done with it – we blame someone or something other than ourselves for our predicaments and continue on as we always have. It’s not so much that we intend to have negative thoughts though; they just seem to happen, almost like a reflex.

These habitual thought patterns easily slip by unnoticed. Constant repetition of such negative messages can only harm us, yet we say them to ourselves (and others!) day in and day out. It’s not that we’re “bad” for having negative thoughts, attitudes and emotions; rather, it’s up to us to recognize and change them.

Our thoughts, attitudes and emotions (either positive or negative) are the great equalizer, for we all have them – no matter who we are, or where we live, or what we do for a living. Many people become frustrated when they make repeated attempts to change their physical appearance or surroundings so that they’ll feel better, and then find that it didn’t work.

To truly change self requires changing the thoughts, attitudes and emotions. In other words, we need to improve our spiritual diet. We need to search for Universal Truth and full understanding about our thoughts, attitudes and emotions, and about our part in our experiences.

How may one start such a process? Visit my website (www.ourspiritualnutrition.com) and start at the very beginning, working through each section. The reward – clarity of thought – will make it worthwhile, because then you may gain a sense of your soul’s purpose in being alive on Planet Earth at this particular point in human history. That’s when the real work begins!