Free Will

Free will is the most important of the spiritual laws governing humankind. Many people are familiar with the idea that humans have free will to make their own choices; in fact, Planet Earth is often called ‘the free will planet’. But free will goes far beyond simply being able to choose which action to take and when. It is the ability to choose what to think, what to desire, what to feel and how to react; even more importantly, it is the ability to believe whatever we want to believe. The Universal Intelligence, God, the Creator, Source, whatever you choose to call ‘it’, helps us maintain and even strengthen our belief systems – whether they are based in Universal Truth or not. Whatever our belief, the Universe will allow us to experience, in physical, the outcomes of such a belief. That is free will in action, and that is partly why it is so important to be aware of our core belief systems: they are the foundation upon which our physical body rests, and upon which our life experiences depend.

Free will is also our opportunity to choose between doing what we want and doing that which the Universal Intelligence requires of us. There is only one way to find what God requires of us, and that is to ask God, through our own personal teacher/companion guide. Only they have the Universal Truth of what God requires of us as individuals. If we do not ask what is required of us, the information will not be given (because it would interfere with our belief(s). If we rely upon another person to tell us what God wants us to do, or upon information that is presented in a book (any book) or on television, or on the internet, we will not find God’s Truth of what is required for us as individuals – we will find only what another human thinks we should do; thus the importance of regular communication with our own guide.

The flip side of the free will coin is unconditional love. We are all children of the Universal Intelligence and we are each loved unconditionally at all times; therefore, we are never judged, criticized or condemned by God or his representatives. However, we are not excused from responsibility. The Universe allows there to be consequences for our choices and our thoughts, attitudes and emotions. The consequences may not always be pleasant – they may even be painful – but the individual is still entitled to communication, guidance, teaching and unconditional love throughout the entire life experience, whether or not we think it is deserved. However, just because we have free will does not mean that we are in charge: our lessons will be presented according to the Universe’s timing and in whatever way they see as best for our spiritual growth. They will test us relentlessly to make sure that the lessons are learned – even if it takes many incarnations into physical form.


5 thoughts on “Free Will

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