Why do we get sick / suffer injuries / have accidents?

For every human illness, injury or accident, I believe that there is a spiritual component that comes from within self. The spiritual component is the result of our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, belief systems and desires (TAEBSD). It is these that make us who we are ~ they create our physical reality ~ they either raise or lower our personal vibrational frequency.

Thoughts |  Attitudes  |  Emotions  |  Belief Systems  |  Desires


You may be wondering how our thoughts could possibly affect our physical bodies. After all, they’re invisible and nobody hears them, right? While it’s true that no other humans hear our thoughts (unless we actually say them out loud) our body pays attention to them, and our body reacts to them. How?

The nervous system

Science has linked each vertebra of our spinal column to the various areas of the body. As Gray’s Anatomy, 29th Ed, page 4, states, “The nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the human body.” The nervous system transmits the brain’s messages throughout the body.

Each and every time we have a certain TAEBSD, it is transmitted via the spinal cortex to the spinal column and outward from there to the vertebra responsible for the particular area of the body that is affected by the particular thought, attitude, emotion, belief system or desire.

Sometimes the result of having a particular thought is almost immediate (as with accidents and injuries); other times the outcome may not happen for days (as with certain illnesses); and some habitual thought patterns can take years to manifest in physical (as with chronic diseases). Eventually though, our TAEBSD will catch up with us.

Here’s an example:

Physically, the first cervical vertebra (C1) is linked to “Blood supply to the head, pituitary gland, scalp bones of the face, brain, inner & middle ear, sympathetic nervous system”.

The spiritual component of problems with C1 is “Incongruous belief systems”; in other words, belief systems that disagree with one another; for example, believing that one’s caregiver(s) is or was a saint, yet knowing that she or he really wasn’t. The effect of a constant flow of energy of a belief system that one knows to be false creates weakness in the vertebra, ultimately creating a number of physical ailments ranging from an inability to pay attention to the matter at hand, to a chronic failure to experience feeling peace or calm, to chronic ear problems, to constant headaches, to hormonal imbalances, and many more.

What can be done?

As science begins to catch up with this concept, humanity will benefit in many ways. Unfortunately though, it is likely to take a long time. After all, no one likes to hear that their belief system is wrong, and no one likes to hear that they themselves have any negative thoughts, attitudes or emotions.

In the meantime, we will continue to evolve and eventually, I believe, come to the realization that our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, belief systems and desires are the true creators of conditions on Planet Earth. Then the real work will begin.


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Will Jesus come alone to save humanity? Maybe.

Free will?

Matters of birth and rebirth into human form are in God’s hands. If the Universal Intelligence sends the souls who were Jesus and the disciples back into human form during this time in history, either as males or females, they will each live life and learn lessons. When the Universal Intelligence decides that they are ready, they will be presented with a choice. The choice will be theirs to make, for God does not force anyone with free will to do anything. They may choose to do what God asks of them or they may not, but the choice will be theirs. “Jesus” may choose not to serve, or he or she may end up having to work alone, since any or all of the others may also choose not to serve. It is common knowledge that 2,000 years ago, Jesus surrendered his free will to God. In all likelihood, although no mention is made of it in today’s Bible, some (or maybe even all) of the disciples chose to make the same commitment. If they did, and if they were given a similar choice in this time period, it would very likely strike a chord within them that would inspire them to choose to serve God once again. Many people await the arrival of someone (Jesus, extraterrestrials, a powerful politician) to save humanity from itself, but have they truly thought about how that might work? Maybe they are simply hoping that a higher intelligence will come along and tell the government what to do, and then everything will be all right. Then they themselves will not have to do anything differently.


To bring profound change to the whole of humanity would require – even though almost no one likes it when it happens to them ~ CHANGE ~ of the whole of humanity! Let’s look at what that might mean.

Would there be no more war? Would that mean that the entire planet would unite as one nation? If so, how would we feel about losing our so-called identity? Would new laws be required for this new country? Who would write them? Who would enforce them? Would they need enforcement, or would everyone just automatically follow them? If all countries were to continue as individual nations, how would their borders be set? When would they be set? What if one nation decided they didn’t like the new borders after a while and took matters into their own hands by invading their neighbours?

Would hunger and poverty be eradicated? How would that work? Who would ensure that food and resources are shared equally amongst the billions of humans on the planet? Would the rich suddenly decide to share all they have worked so hard to accumulate? Would they willingly hand it all over to whoever is in charge and trust them to distribute it fairly/equitably?

Would all disease be eradicated? Would someone wave a magic wand and bring good health to everyone? Would accidents and injuries no longer occur? Would we no longer age?

Would all be equal in this new world? How would those who firmly believe that their group of people is superior to all others be convinced that their belief must change? Would they give it up without a fight?

It’s up to us

No, it is only when we accept responsibility for our own lives that we begin to change. It is up to us, as individuals, to create change on this planet. When we become clear of the human desire to judge, criticize, condemn and control others, life as we know it on Planet Earth will change. For the time being though, we can only work on refining our own thoughts, our own attitudes and our own emotions, and on reducing our negative behaviours. When we begin to change ourselves at such a profound level, our world will begin to change profoundly.