What is Karma?

Our actions show that our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, beliefs and desires are either in or out of alignment with Unconditional Love. Karma (quantum entanglement) is the sum total of life lessons needed to produce alignment. Karma is not punishment or retribution. Human experience is considered by our Creator to be learning – not good, not bad – just learning.


We tend to use our beliefs to justify committing unkind or even criminal acts. For example, when we hold onto resentment and seek revenge against someone, we somehow feel justified in doing so. When we understand completely why we need revenge and call it by its real name, we begin to let go of it – we begin to change the pattern and start to forgive both others and ourselves.

Accept responsibility

Many believe that past life experiences cause our problems in this life, sometimes even including health or relationship issues. To blame our current situation on some past life limits our potential and makes victims of us (Oh, I can’t change that pattern – it’s from a previous lifetime!). The newer teaching says that change is always possible. Accepting that we are given all of the tools and every bit of information necessary for our growth in our current lifetime enables us to make great spiritual strides forward, when we choose.

Genetic disorders and birth issues

When an individual comes into an existence physically or mentally challenged, it is not the result of bad karma: souls enter human form to reflect the spiritual condition of the family, in conjunction with the individual’s learning requirements. Even if in a lifetime we committed mass murder, the Universal Intelligence takes all our lifetimes and all that we have not yet learned into consideration when sending us into an incarnation. We could be sent in to become a physician to minister to those in need, just as easily as we could be sent in to become one who is in need. Only the Universal Intelligence knows what is truly required for our spiritual advancement.

Changing the karmic cycle

Strive toward forgiveness, patience, tolerance. Seek understanding. Forsake greed, resentment, self-righteousness. Build self-esteem. Doing so helps us all.


Spiritual life lessons

If we have entered into physical form once, we are bound by spiritual law to continue incarnating. In that way, we are able to learn first-hand what it is like to:

  • love / be loved
  • hate / be hated
  • have children / lose children
  • acquire possessions / lose everything
  • abandon / be abandoned
  • kill / be killed
  • have power / be powerless
  • live in extreme wealth / live in abject poverty
  • be of service / require assistance

The breadth of human experience is almost limitless, so these are just a few of the many life experiences needed to “learn our way back to Source”.




What is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation is the process of a soul entering into human form at birth, remaining until the physical body dies, leaving it and then repeating the process innumerable times. Inherent in this belief is the idea that the Universal Intelligence created all souls – humans create the physical being only.

Many believe that the soul is born into human form time and time again in an attempt to attain perfection, and that by reaching perfection the soul will earn the right to no longer incarnate; however, the Universal Intelligence says that there is no such right since there is no such thing as perfection.

The newer information says that having once entered into human form, the soul becomes subject to experiencing a vast array of life lessons over many, many lifetimes. This is one of the reasons for Planet Earth being compared to a School.

It is not the soul who chooses whether, when and where to reincarnate, but Source. When the appropriate learning conditions for the soul arise, the soul will be sent in. This may be five minutes, five years or five centuries past the soul’s previous incarnation, so we cannot assume that our deceased loved one(s) will remain “at home” waiting for us to die and join them for all eternity. All matters concerning birth (and rebirth) into human form are decided by our Creator.

If reincarnation is real, why can’t I remember any of my past lives?

When we come into an earthly existence, the Universal Intelligence places a veil upon our soul memory. This is done for our protection and to ensure that we have a clean slate for each lifetime. Think what it would be like if one had committed serious crimes in a previous lifetime and were able to recall that existence: just imagine the trauma that could be felt. On the other hand, imagine one who had attained great wealth in a past life coming into an existence filled with poverty and deprivation. This could also create trauma for the soul, albeit in a different manner.

There may be exceptions, but for the most part we are prevented from accessing memories of our past lives. Many condemn themselves for being unable to remember a past life, but this is simply not within human control. However, if we have a true desire to learn about self, the veil can be lifted for a time. Past life regression (and progression) through hypnosis is one method, but one runs the risk of being influenced by the hypnotist. Meditation as taught by the Universal Intelligence can be more reliable but it is always imperative to be clear of desires and belief systems, for our guides will cooperate with them in accordance with the Spiritual Law of Free Will.

We need only concentrate on our current lifetime to find and resolve the issues that affect us negatively, for any issue that our Creator wishes resolved will be presented in our current lifetime.

About our spiritual diet

What is our spiritual diet?

Our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, behaviours, belief systems and desires form our spiritual diet. They are what we feed ourselves throughout our life’s journey. Paying attention to them enables us to find the hidden meanings wrapped inside our everyday experiences, which in turn enables us to identify those needing refinement.

Who, me? Negative?

It’s easy to just deny that we ever have negative thoughts, attitudes or emotions and be done with it – we blame someone or something other than ourselves for our predicaments and continue on as we always have. But it’s not so much that we intend to have negative thoughts though; they just seem to happen, almost like a reflex.

These habitual thought patterns easily slip by unnoticed. Constant repetition of such negative messages can only harm us, yet we say them to ourselves (and others) day in and day out. It’s not that we’re “bad” for having negative thoughts, attitudes and emotions; rather, it’s up to us to recognize and change them.

We all think, all the time

Our thoughts, attitudes and emotions (either positive or negative) are the great equalizer, for we all have them – no matter who we are, or where we live, or what we do for a living. Many people become frustrated when they make repeated attempts to change their physical appearance or surroundings so that they’ll feel better, and then find that it simply didn’t work.

To truly change our lives requires changing our thoughts, attitudes and emotions. In other words, we need to improve our spiritual diet. We need to search for Universal Truth and full understanding about our thoughts, attitudes and emotions, and about our part in our experiences.

A new spiritual diet

How may one start such a process? Visit my website and start at the very beginning, working through each section. The reward – clarity of thought – will make it worth the effort, because then we may gain a sense of our soul’s purpose in being alive on Planet Earth at this particular point in human history – and that’s when the real work begins.

Why are we here?

It’s an age-old question: Why are we here? The Universal Intelligence explains it thusly: In our native spirit form, we travel the physical universe observing the many wonders therein. As spirit, we are able to move in and out of physical matter at will to experience the laws governing all matter, for example the laws of gravity, of motion, of cause and effect and so on.

That is, until we enter into physical form on Planet Earth. Here things are a little different. Here there are additional laws with which to contend.

One such law is that there is only one way in ~ physical birth ~ and only one way out ~ physical death ~ no matter which form we take. (While there are other planets in the physical universe with various life forms, they are a topic for another time.)

Once we have entered into human form, the attraction to do so again and again becomes more and more difficult to resist. Since the Universal Intelligence supports us in our every desire, new, seemingly irresistible opportunities are presented for us. We “fall” into them, because they seem to have a stronger attraction than remaining in spirit form. They are presented for our benefit though, because ultimately, they will help us to learn our way back to Source.