What is “5th dimensional state of being”?

This is a label for an elevated state of consciousness. It is described as a level of consciousness in which one automatically feels peace, joy, bliss and unconditional love at all times, without effort.

In my experience, it’s not automatic and it’s not permanent. It is possible to achieve – in meditation – for varying lengths of time by practicing to reduce and refine our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, belief systems and desires. Maintaining it is the challenge, and five minutes behind the wheel or at the office or in a grocery store will quickly zap any sense of peace one may have. Feeling hungry, or itchy, or too hot or too cold – all of these bring us back to the moment and back to “I need” or “I want”.

If we’re in human form, our physical needs overtake our ability to maintain the connection to Source which those in non-physical form enjoy. This is what we’re here to learn … Entering into physical form distracts us from recalling our true nature. It’s all too easy to get lost in the playground that is Planet Earth.


Can someone steal my energy, or give me their energy?


No and no, because the human body is a closed environment. Besides our own thoughts, attitudes, emotions, belief systems and desires, only the Universal Intelligence and our guide can affect our energy. What this means is that we are safe and protected from so-called “negative energies”. This also means that healing energy comes not from an individual per se; rather the Universal Intelligence and our guide enable energy to penetrate our envelope in accordance with the individual’s desire to serve, and the patient’s desire to heal. If the healer believes that a certain level of energy is required, that is what the Universe will provide – whether or not it is the correct amount and whether or not it is beneficial. See my blog about Free Will.

Thoughts we have and emotions we feel in someone else’s presence are not caused by them. We can be afraid of them, or be angry with them, or like them – but all of these thoughts and feelings come from within ourselves. Fear and anger can be incredibly draining, and blaming the mere presence of someone else for making us feel bad or weak, makes us into a victim. Likewise, believing the mere presence of someone can make us feel good – makes it seem as if we believe that we can’t feel good on our own, without them near.

Giving this much power to another can only lead to negative life experiences, yet we do it all the time! Whenever we blame someone for our having a bad day, we’re holding onto negative thoughts, attitudes or emotions for them. If we praise someone because we’re having a great day, we have given away our ability to feel good within ourselves. No matter what’s happening around us, we need to take responsibility for ourselves and recognize that we are in charge of our thoughts, attitudes and emotions.

About psychic abilities

Psychic abilities are becoming more well-known and widely accepted as being a trustworthy source of information. Foreseeing future events, finding missing people (both victims and criminals), receiving messages, communicating with the dead, seeing entities who are not in physical form, interpreting dreams; these are all thought to be the result of psychic intuition. The Universal Intelligence says that they are the result of the guides giving information to the psychic individuals, and producing, sometimes spectacular, special effects to go along with the information.


The psychic is simply an individual who is willing to “tune in” and listen to what the Universe has to say, and then share the information. However, and here’s what damages the credibility of psychics, the information is filtered through the thoughts, attitudes, emotions, desires and belief systems of the psychic individual, so the message may or may not come through intact. This is one of the reasons that the information in the Bible may not completely contain or reflect Universal Truth and wisdom and may have been influenced by the prevailing social norms of those olden days.

Clear channel

Given that all souls come from the same place, our creator, we all have an inherent sixth sense and it is possible to develop it. Doing so requires practice and dedication to become a clear channel, else we run the risk of providing less than accurate information. Start by visiting my website to learn to meditate in the way that the Universe teaches, and then work on resolving inner child issues by completing the Spiritual Questionnaire. Doing this work sets us firmly on the path of profound soul development and enables us to truly serve.