Is God angry or disappointed with humanity?

No. God is neither angry nor disappointed with humanity. Disappointment infers that judgment, criticism and condemnation have taken place, and since the Universal Intelligence is unconditional love, disappointment is not possible. We are living in accordance with the Universal spiritual law of free will, experiencing all that there is to be experienced, and we will ultimately learn our way back to Source. That is the way, the truth and the life.


Does God really exist?

Does God really exist? Does he have a plan for me? How can I find out what it is?

Yes. God really exists. What we choose to call the Universal Intelligence is up to us. God, Source, Creator, Mother, Father, Universal Intelligence, The Universe, They, It, Her or Him – Any question directed toward the source of all things will bring a response that is in accordance with the spiritual law of free will.

Yes God has a plan for you. You can find out what it is by meditating in a new way. Ask your question as simply as possible and then listen for the answer. If the answer doesn’t come immediately, there may be other information required to enable clarity. In that case, start to build a pattern of regular meditation (communication) with the Universal Intelligence and gradually work through inner child issues

What are the spiritual laws?

While this information is at odds with much of what is out there, it is simple and straightforward. It’s free of the fear-based ideas that mainstream religions typically provide, and presents the concept of the profound equality of all souls. No judgment, no criticism, no condemnation – all are free and able to experience whatever their soul needs in order to find its way back to Source. It’s important to note that each and every soul was created, whole and complete, at the instant of the big bang.

  • All souls have been granted free will.
  • There is one soul for one physical body per lifetime, beginning at birth and ending at death of the physical body.
  • Whatever lessons are required for our soul’s ultimate spiritual development will be presented, and we will be tested.
  • All souls entering into physical form are accompanied by, and entitled to communication with, their personal companion/teaching guide for the duration of each of their incarnations.
  • The guides do not enter into physical form, ever.
  • The guides abide by the guidance of the Universal Intelligence and by the spiritual laws.

Do our guides keep us from coming to harm?

Sometimes they do, and sometimes they do not ~ it all depends on what is required for our soul’s life experience. The guides abide by the guidance of the Universal Intelligence and its spiritual laws. Only they know what lessons are required for each soul. Although some experiences harm the physical body, the soul gains wisdom from the experience, even if not until the soul is “at home”. Unfortunately, it is often through the more painful and difficult experiences that we learn the more difficult spiritual lessons.

Whether or not we come to harm also depends upon whether we’re paying attention to our thoughts. Very often we are warned to do or not do something (in our thoughts of course, for the guides communicate with us telepathically), or to go or not go somewhere. It is our choice whether to heed the warning though. We may never know how many people met with harm who chose to ignore their guide’s suggestion, but we are hearing of more and more people who do pay attention, who live to tell the tale.