Strength in our differences

Why can we not accept that it is okay for people to be different and to have different beliefs? Do we think that we are weakened, rather than strengthened, by diversity? Do we believe that God will punish any who stray from (sometimes) centuries-old teachings? Do we think that it’s up to us, the righteous ones, to attack anyone with a different opinion? All in defence of God’s cruel, vindictive nature, of course.

The Universal Intelligence (God, our Creator, the Source of all that is) has no ego to bruise, no axe to grind. There are as many ways to have a relationship with God as there are his children, and certainly no need for everyone’s life choices to be the same. As God’s children, we have been given the gift of free will. We can choose to do as we please, or we can choose to do as God asks. It is not sin and there is no punishment if we choose the former, because that is what the spiritual law of free will mandates us to do: make choices. There may be negative outcomes if we choose to do what we want, but they do not result because God is punishing us – they result because we don’t always know what’s best for us and sometimes, we make lousy choices.

How long?

How long will we continue to judge, criticize and condemn, sometimes to execution, any and all with different beliefs than ours? It is beyond unreasonable to think for a moment that God wants any of his children to kill any of his other children. God will continue to exist, no matter what we do. God will continue to love his children, all of us, unconditionally, no matter what we do. We will all return to him eventually, to share our vast lifetimes of experiences with him. After all, that is our purpose…that is why he created this particular reality.

Here’s a quote from Sri Aurobindo, an Indian nationalist, philosopher, yogi, guru and poet. In it, he provides a different way to think of this Universe:

What, you ask, was the beginning of it all?
And it is this…
Existence that multiplied itself for sheer delight of being
and plunged into numberless trillions of forms
so that it might find itself innumerably
– Sri Aurobindo



Many people get sick or have an accident at the same time of year, every year. Is it just a coincidence, or is there something more meaningful at work?

Incredible as it may seem, our unresolved issues can trigger physical symptoms and/or cause additional traumatic experiences around the anniversary date of experiences that have not yet been dealt with and released.


How can this be?

We don’t pay attention to most of our thoughts, but trust me; we think about our unresolved issues much of the time. We just keep on replaying them, looking for some solution as to why they happened. We know when they happened; we remember where we were, what we were doing, others who were present or absent, anyone who helped or harmed, sounds, tastes and smells. It should come as no surprise then, that as the anniversary date approaches, we begin to feel more stressed than usual – without really knowing why.

This additional stress creates an extra load on our immune system, and it’s only a matter of time until we contract a virus or have a painful accident that we would normally be able to overcome or avoid. This goes on year after year, and before long we start to dread “that time of year”. Sometimes chronic diseases even begin to manifest at that particular time of year.

Bad news/Good news

Bad news: Unfortunately, until the inner conflict is resolved, we are doomed to repeat what has become a seemingly unconscious habitual pattern.

Good news: Fortunately, we can change – we can resolve these issues once and for all. Visit Section 1 of my website and begin your healing journey

The power of thought


For your consideration:
Nothing exists in physical without first having existed in thought

If true, then this universe was thought of before it came into existence: someone or something considered all the necessary components and processes for it to grow and thrive before releasing it.

That may sound like a God created everything, but personally, I can’t see another way for this universe to have come into existence. Not a God with a great long beard sitting on a throne, dictating to all the little cherubs and angels what needs to be done by whom, and where, and when. But a Creator, all-powerful, all-knowing, and, perhaps most importantly, unconditionally loving – to the point that it endowed each of its creations with free will. On Planet Earth, each form is bounded by certain limitations, with those in human form having the fewest.

While we are all imbued with the spirit of the Universal Intelligence, free will allows humans to choose to ignore it. Ignoring it can get us into considerable trouble, but what better way to learn our way back to Source?

Visit my website to read more about free will


Recognizing inner conflicts

The trouble with inner conflicts is that we often don’t even know we have them. Here’s an example: When I was young, my parents allowed my older sister to abuse me – verbally, physically and emotionally. They did nothing to stop her, and they did nothing to protect me. They allowed and enabled her treatment of me and, in fact, they (perhaps unknowingly) rewarded it. The physical abuse ended when I finally got old enough or angry enough or fed up enough to stand up for myself, and the verbal and emotional abuse stopped only when my sister died. That’s a story for another day though.

You might be wondering what all this has to do with inner conflict. Well, the unequal treatment created an inner conflict for me. It taught me that I was somehow less worthy than my sister, and therefore probably everybody else. It also taught me that:

  • it was me against the world – because obviously I wasn’t worthy of being protected
  • my parents loved me less than my sister
  • it was pointless to seek help

And here’s the inner conflict: I believed that my sister was worthy of help and support, yet I was not. What made her any more worthy than me? Or what made me any less worthy than she?  I tried and tried to figure this out, unsuccessfully. I started living down to, rather than up to, some invisible low standard so as to justify this lack of parental protection. Unfortunately though, I was asking the wrong question. I kept asking myself “What’s wrong with me?” instead of “Why do my parents allow my sister’s childish, bullying behaviour?”

This inner conflict caused me to apologize for anything and everything (even for my very existence), and to treat others as though they were more important and more deserving than me. It also caused me to think of myself as a victim, because I learned to expect to be hurt. It took a lot of dedicated work, but I was able to shed my burden.

Do you have unresolved inner conflicts that are hurting your ability to live a full, satisfying life? Visit my website and learn how to recognize and change the negative thoughts, attitudes and emotions they cause. Start allowing the vast wisdom of the Universal Intelligence to answer the painful, difficult questions we had as children.

Why do people judge, criticise and condemn ~ or steal credit for ~ work that others have done?

If they like the product:

If they like the product, they will steal credit for it. This behaviour results from having very low self-esteem, such that the thought of someone else receiving appreciation or recognition for any reason is terrifying and/or sickening and/or infuriating. Can result from one’s caregivers in early childhood behaving this way

Spiritual effects of the pattern: The lack of self-worth is such that that we hardly even know that we’re doing it – yet we HATE it if someone steals our credit (a sure sign that there’s a problem!)

Physical effects of the pattern: The craving for positive attention is a form of addiction that compels people to do whatever they can to gain it – even if it means that those who have earned it will go without acknowledgement

How to change the pattern: Until we recognize that there is a problem, there is not much that can be done to change it. However, this inner child issue can be identified and resolved through practicing meditation as the Universe teaches the process

If the work threatens their position:

If the work threatens their position in some way though, they will pretend to like something about it to make their critical opinion seem more valid – then their true motive shines through. What they really want is for others to believe that they are the expert. This compels them to find fault, but all they really accomplish is to show their own lack of understanding and/or abilities. Some people fall for this ruse, and that is one of the reasons that using criticism continues to be so popular

Spiritual effects of the pattern: The lack of self-worth makes us desperate for the approval of others

Physical effects of the pattern: Craving the approval of others is a form of addiction that compels people to do whatever they can to gain it – even if it means that those who have earned it may be condemned

How to change the pattern: Until we recognize that there is a problem, there is not much that can be done to change it. However, this inner child issue can be identified and resolved through practicing meditation as the Universe teaches the process

Universal Truth

What is “Universal Truth”?

Universal truth is information obtained through meditation/communication with our spiritual guide. This information is free from negative thoughts, attitudes or emotions (ego, control, condemnation, anger, resentment, etc.) and it is logical and straightforward.

  • Visit Section 3 of my website and learn the how-to’s of meditation

Why do we need it?

We need Universal Truth because it enables us to find profound understanding about our life experiences. We are then able to resolve our inner child issues and start becoming who we really are at soul level; we can start doing what we came to Planet Earth to do.

How Free Will and Belief Systems can get in the way

There are two potential stumbling blocks when working with the Universal Intelligence to find the Truth about our life experiences. They are the spiritual law of free will, plus our belief systems.

The gift of free will is bestowed upon souls entering human form. Among other features, free will gives us the ability to choose to agree or disagree with any idea or piece of information. It allows us to develop our own set of beliefs about the world in which we live. We grow up thinking that whatever we believe is the absolute truth. We don’t question our parents’ or caregivers’ interpretations of events or their motives; nor do we question whether we’ve understood correctly. When working with the Universe in meditation, this means that if we believe that we already know the answer to a question, we will not be disappointed, since the spiritual law of Free Will prevents the guides from interfering with our beliefs. Some belief systems can even prevent our guide from answering at all. If this happens, our belief might be saying something like:

  • “No one will answer me because there’s no one there”
  • “I’m not worthy of receiving communication”
  • “I’m not capable of receiving communication”
  • “I already know what this means”

How to work around Free Will and Belief Systems

Even if we have one or more of these beliefs, there are ways to minimize the challenges they present. Since the Universal Intelligence will tell us exactly what we believe, we must:

  • Ask specifically for Universal Truth rather than what we want, expect or fear to hear
  • Ask simple questions designed to allow our guide to give us new information
  • Be willing to acknowledge that we have preconceived ideas or belief systems, even if we do not know exactly what they may be, and we be willing to set them aside
  • Be willing to confront a Truth about ourselves, our loved ones or our experiences that may not be what we were taught or what we may prefer to believe

How can we tell the difference?

Here are some of the ways to tell the difference between human truth and Universal Truth:

  • If our guide tells us something and we have a feeling of, “Aha, I knew it”, that can be a big clue that we are somehow in the way and preventing our guide from giving us Universal Truth
  • If the information being given is the same as what is already common knowledge, then we are limiting the possibilities in some way, perhaps due to some belief system. It would be well then to acknowledge that the belief system exists, and then ask to have it set aside so that new information can be given
  • If the information is presented like a grand theatrical performance, it is likely that a belief system is in the way
  • If we are trying to decide on the best course of action, but we already know what we want to do (or if we know what we will not do), that will prevent our guide from giving us new options. They will not tell us that we are wrong. Additionally, if fear is making us want to avoid something, the Universal Intelligence will not tell us to walk through that fear. We must be willing to set our fear aside so that our guide can help us to face that fear
  • If a guide answers a question with, “As you wish”, this can be a signal that preconceived ideas are in the way, and that they are preventing the guide from giving new information. Then we need to state that we are willing to set aside our beliefs in favour of new Truth and new options

What’s next?

Now the work can begin. Visit my website and learn how to start changing your spiritual diet

What are the Akashic Records? Who has access to them?

The Akashic Records contain all that has occurred in this version of the Universe since the Big Bang, along with all that has been thought, felt, spoken, and/or done by all components of the Universal Intelligence, including souls. New information given to me through focused meditation says that each soul’s record is written along the silver thread that connects our soul to the Universal Intelligence and to our physical body throughout our various incarnations.

Only the guides and souls not in physical form can access the records, and the guides provide us with information when we are seeking to move forward spiritually. The information is not recorded in an Earth language, so the guides interpret and convey the information to us. Since the guides have no ego, they will allow us to think we’re doing it ourselves – but they will play with us, so it is important to be centred and in a meditative state, and asking specific questions. Visit Section 6 of my website and read about the guides: