Universal Truth

What is “Universal Truth”?

Universal truth is information obtained through meditation/communication with our spiritual guide. This information is free from negative thoughts, attitudes or emotions (ego, control, condemnation, anger, resentment, etc.) and it is logical and straightforward.

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Why do we need it?

We need Universal Truth because it enables us to find profound understanding about our life experiences. We are then able to resolve our inner child issues and start becoming who we really are at soul level; we can start doing what we came to Planet Earth to do.

How Free Will and Belief Systems can get in the way

There are two potential stumbling blocks when working with the Universal Intelligence to find the Truth about our life experiences. They are the spiritual law of free will, plus our belief systems.

The gift of free will is bestowed upon souls entering human form. Among other features, free will gives us the ability to choose to agree or disagree with any idea or piece of information. It allows us to develop our own set of beliefs about the world in which we live. We grow up thinking that whatever we believe is the absolute truth. We don’t question our parents’ or caregivers’ interpretations of events or their motives; nor do we question whether we’ve understood correctly. When working with the Universe in meditation, this means that if we believe that we already know the answer to a question, we will not be disappointed, since the spiritual law of Free Will prevents the guides from interfering with our beliefs. Some belief systems can even prevent our guide from answering at all. If this happens, our belief might be saying something like:

  • “No one will answer me because there’s no one there”
  • “I’m not worthy of receiving communication”
  • “I’m not capable of receiving communication”
  • “I already know what this means”

How to work around Free Will and Belief Systems

Even if we have one or more of these beliefs, there are ways to minimize the challenges they present. Since the Universal Intelligence will tell us exactly what we believe, we must:

  • Ask specifically for Universal Truth rather than what we want, expect or fear to hear
  • Ask simple questions designed to allow our guide to give us new information
  • Be willing to acknowledge that we have preconceived ideas or belief systems, even if we do not know exactly what they may be, and we be willing to set them aside
  • Be willing to confront a Truth about ourselves, our loved ones or our experiences that may not be what we were taught or what we may prefer to believe

How can we tell the difference?

Here are some of the ways to tell the difference between human truth and Universal Truth:

  • If our guide tells us something and we have a feeling of, “Aha, I knew it”, that can be a big clue that we are somehow in the way and preventing our guide from giving us Universal Truth
  • If the information being given is the same as what is already common knowledge, then we are limiting the possibilities in some way, perhaps due to some belief system. It would be well then to acknowledge that the belief system exists, and then ask to have it set aside so that new information can be given
  • If the information is presented like a grand theatrical performance, it is likely that a belief system is in the way
  • If we are trying to decide on the best course of action, but we already know what we want to do (or if we know what we will not do), that will prevent our guide from giving us new options. They will not tell us that we are wrong. Additionally, if fear is making us want to avoid something, the Universal Intelligence will not tell us to walk through that fear. We must be willing to set our fear aside so that our guide can help us to face that fear
  • If a guide answers a question with, “As you wish”, this can be a signal that preconceived ideas are in the way, and that they are preventing the guide from giving new information. Then we need to state that we are willing to set aside our beliefs in favour of new Truth and new options

What’s next?

Now the work can begin. Visit my website and learn how to start changing your spiritual diet

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