Changing our spiritual diet changes our reality

taebsdWe have the power

Unless and until we start looking after our spiritual nutrition by reducing and refining our negative thoughts, attitudes, emotions, belief systems and desires, we will become ever more reliant upon Medicine; turning to holistic healing practices for remedies is no different. Doing so means we are avoiding the truth: we can take responsibility for the condition of our health. As long as we ignore this truth, our physical health will continue to deteriorate in spite of best intentions, efforts and practices by Medicine and we will see health care systems around the world beset with ever-worsening conditions. Yes, medicine can help, but we can eliminate the need for much of it. Imagine the burden of pain and expense that could be eased even if only one of every 10 people were to forgive those who had harmed them. Just that one small change could greatly reduce their risk of several chronic diseases and could eliminate all the acts of cruelty that may have resulted from their despair, anger or hatred.

Gain profound healing

Every trip we make to the doctor or to the pharmacist is a missed opportunity to search within, and is a denial of our innate ability to communicate with our companion / teacher guide. Profound healing is possible when we resolve our spiritual issues along with obtaining medical assistance for our physical conditions. Each and every painful human experience that is followed by blaming bad spirits or bad luck, blaming anything or anyone instead of looking within ourselves; makes the situation even worse and simply delays the inevitable: We must clean up our own act.

Some may think, “Well, maybe you’re right – maybe the spiritual component of disease can be healed by improving our thoughts; but what about babies who are born with congenital defects? What about people who have accidents? What about people who are victims of crime? What about war?”

  • Babies  As Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young sang, “…teach your parents well…” We are born into this world to illustrate, in physical, the spiritual condition of the family into which we come. We do so willingly, as the Universal Intelligence offers us this opportunity so that we may be of service, so that we may teach, and most of all, so that we may learn.
  • Accidents  So-called accidents are not random happenings. They occur as a result of our unrecognized thoughts. At this point in human evolution though, many of these opportunities are missed due to our not seeking spiritual understanding of the lesson.
  • Victims of crime  Victims of crime are also victims of unawareness of their spiritual state of being and their constantly repeated, yet usually unheard, thoughts. The Universal Intelligence enables the physical experience to happen, to serve as a wake-up call. Many hear the call and make significant improvement in their lives; many do not. Those who do and who share their experiences are as a shining beacon unto humanity. Those who do not can find themselves in ever-deepening negative thoughts and emotions
  • War  War is a physical manifestation of spiritual anger, despair and fear on a massive scale. It erupts/occurs only once a specific energy threshold has been breached. It is never the result of just one person.

Some may think, “Surely our thoughts are not causing these things! Surely something else – maybe the devil – is responsible.” Well, since there is no such thing or creature as the devil, clearly there must be something else at work to create these horrific happenings. There is, and it is called free will. Take action and visit my website to learn how to change your life … start the journey …