Haiku: Meditation


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About soul mates

Will I ever find my soul mate?

space-1772986_960_360Many people spend a lot of time bemoaning the fact that they still haven’t met their soul mate. They live in a state of frustration, and worry that they cannot or will not be happy until they do. Although it may not seem like it, the good news is that there is no such thing. The Universal Intelligence created us as individual souls, whole and complete. As humans we may feel incomplete, but that is a reflection of unresolved inner child issues. When we feel very connected to certain other souls, it is because there are specific lessons to be learned or taught. We may also feel connected for another reason: we may recognize them as being members of our soul family.

Soul families

Although we were created as individuals, we also belong to at least one soul family. There are countless such families, each of which has a purpose to fulfill in a particular field of interest; for example, education, healing, artistic expression, revolution, etc. These families formed when souls with that particular interest, and vibrational frequency, gathered to help one another express – in physical – their interest. It is members of our soul family who greet us upon our return home from an incarnation. Each of these families is overseen by numerous entities, often called guides, angels and/or archangels. At least one guide is assigned to accompany each soul during all of its incarnations into physical form. The archangels assist us on an as-needed basis.



What is my soul’s purpose?

stars-1153815__340Finding our soul’s purpose can be a challenge, because if we have a strong fear or a strong belief, the Universal Intelligence will not interfere with it (see free will). Your guide may well be obliged to tell you exactly what you want or expect or fear to hear, so take a list of carefully formed questions into meditation and work with your guide to find Universal Truth.




Soul name

bokeh-1632921_960_720We were all created at the instant of the Big Bang. At that moment, we were each given a name, our soul name. The guides know our soul name; however they use it only in extraordinary circumstances. In fact on a day-to-day basis, they don’t address us by name at all – their communication just sounds like our own thoughts. Rest assured though, if they need to get our attention, they can yell our name so loudly (in our thoughts) that it sounds as if someone actually called us.

What purpose does it serve?

Knowing that we have a soul name can give us a sense of belonging to something larger than ourselves. Our Creator identifies each of us as individual parts of the whole.

If you know your soul name already and would like to share it, I’d love to hear how you discovered it, how you feel about it and so on. You can send a private message to me via Facebook.

If you don’t already know your soul name, here’s how you can find out what it is:
When in a centred state, ask your guide to address you by your soul name. Listen closely. If you don’t hear it, ask your guide to spell it for you – one letter at a time, if need be. Please note that soul names are not from any earth language; they are in the language of the Universal Intelligence.


What if nothing is wrong, but I still feel awful?

sad-597089__340Feeling tired or just generally unwell for no apparent reason is a signal from the Universal Intelligence (via our guide) to let us know that we have an unresolved issue(s). We usually know what the issue is, and we usually know what we need to do about it; the problem is that we are unable or unwilling to do what is needed, and so we continue to avoid it. This is the time to seek information from our guide about other possible options than the one we’re dreading. Visit my meditation blog to learn how to effectively communicate with the Universal Intelligence


Things that can happen in meditation

This little .wmv video (permission needed to open file) is a sample of one of the special effects that can happen when we’re meditating / communicating with our guide. It shows what I call, for lack of a better name, blue swirlies. It is an incredibly relaxing – yet exciting – vision to behold.  The guides produce this particular effect as a signal to let us know that we’ve reached our centred space. Once we’re there, we can start asking questions or hear our guide’s message for us.

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seaIn the sea of humanity, our every action touches another. Our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, belief systems and desires cause us to behave either with kindness or with cruelty. If we are ever to gain world peace, we will need to vastly increase acts of kindness and vastly reduce acts of cruelty. Simply denying that we have negative thoughts serves no purpose other than to excuse ourselves from making changes – we all have them; it’s as simple as that. Once we acknowledge that we have them, we can start reducing them. Visit my website to get started.