Haiku: Change is coming


Farewell old days, old ways;
New World Order knocks our door …
no avoiding it.



Haiku: Why are we here?


Live life, learn lessons,
overcome challenges and
resolve our regrets.

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Unstable self-esteem

mechanics-1501861_960_720Our attitude toward self is the most important attitude of all. If it is unstable, we run the risk of relying on others to “give us permission” to feel good about ourselves. We can become addicted to this, insofar as we become unable to ever feel really good about anything we say, think or do without someone else telling us that we’re ok, or that what we did was done well. Poor self-esteem can lead to feelings of guilt and shame, and guilt and shame can lead to:

  • Chronic feelings of fear and/or anxiety
  • Depression
  • Addictions to behaviours or substances

If how we feel about ourselves is measured by whether others approve of us, how can our self-worth ever become stable?

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Outlook on life


Our outlook on life, that is our attitudes, determines our ability to fulfill our soul’s purpose. While they seem to come from nowhere, our attitudes actually come from the thoughts and emotions we have every day – whether we pay attention to them or not, whether we hear them or not. The attitude we hold about ourselves is the most important of all, for it determines our reality and our quality of life, and it impacts our physical health. If negative attitudes are bogging us down, know that it’s possible to change them. Is it easy? Well no, not really, but then, does a thing have to be easy before we’re willing to do it?

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