Then and now


Then: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

Now: “Give me your cellphones so I can see if YOU’RE the leak.”

Does compliance with this command indicate compliance with future orders that could have even more dire consequences?



Why do religious cults exist?


For every religious cult, there is an individual who has come along and said, “I will show you the way, the one way”, and a corresponding group of people only too ready to jump on board. Few of us dare to trust our own inner voice, so we happily surrender our power, our free will, to that person in the belief that their inner voice is somehow stronger / better / wiser / more reliable than ours. We tell ourselves that they have a connection with the Creator that we are lacking, and any direction that comes through her or him must be divine will.


This eagerness to follow is, I believe, a fine spiritual quality, but it is misdirected. It would be far better to follow our own inner voice – our spiritual guide – than another human. After all, how can any human being possibly know what is best for another individual? How can handing over our power lead to anything but our ultimate victimization? The instant we choose to follow someone other than our guide, we set up the conditions under which dictators thrive. We open ourselves to being told what to do, how to do it and when to do it – and, of course, we have to pay them to provide us with this ‘direction’.

What great incentive to change ourselves! Of course we still need to abide by the laws of our society, but communicating with the Universal Intelligence to find the Truth about the questions we have, will enable us to find what’s right for us, what’s best for our soul’s development. Because of the spiritual law of free will though, the Universe is obliged to tell us what we expect to hear. Therefore, we need instruction on how to tell the difference between our human truth and the Universal Truth. Since we are not taught how to do this as young children, we must learn the skills later in life.

My website contains the information on how to do just that: check out Meditation and How can I be sure I’m receiving Universal Truth?

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How could God allow someone who was miraculously healed to become sick again with the same disease?


It all comes down to free will. Since we are free to think whatever we wish (the Universal Intelligence will not interfere with our thoughts), and since illness starts in the thoughts, it is logical that repetitive negative thoughts will have a negative impact on our health. So while a physical disease may be healed, the thought patterns that contributed to its creation may not necessarily change and the disease may recur.

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Is there any such thing as miraculous healing?


Yes. There are three key components: the Universal Intelligence initiates the healing process in accordance with our desire to heal, and our faith – via the placebo effect – enables healing to occur. The third is that the source of the offer of healing must be credible, or at least plausible, to us. A limiting factor is the spiritual law of free will, as the Universe will not enable healing if we have a desire to remain unwell. Read about free will and how it can impact our lives.

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What is spirituality?


Spirituality is knowing that we are children of God, and therefore loved unconditionally. It is knowing, deep within, that we are much more than our physical bodies – that we are spiritual beings dressed in human form. Spirituality is knowing that this holds true for each and every human being – not just the fortunate few. Being a spiritual person does not mean having to forsake family, friends, sex, wealth, luxury, food or drink, or even work or play. We need not deprive ourselves of the joys of life, and we certainly need not inflict pain on ourselves to prove our devotion to God. After all, the Universal Intelligence hears our every thought, so there’s really nothing to prove.

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