Haiku: Two kinds of karma


Haiku: Karma, regular

Future life’s lesson
to teach that which is unknown.
Instant is this life’s.


Haiku: Karma, instant

Poor General Flynn,
will he get that which he said
Hillary should get?


I don’t feel like it syndrome


When given the opportunity to do something helpful or productive, we often use the old excuses of: I don’t feel like it, or I can’t because I’m too tired. What we’re really saying is, “No”. It’s all about power and control though, and doing as we’ve been asked can be seen as a sign of weakness. Saying “I’m too tired” is the polite way of keeping control and feeling strong. The challenge is to do as we’ve been asked, even though we may not want to. Instead of telling ourselves that we’re already doing enough, make that extra effort. Be prepared to work though, because once we get started, our mindset usually changes and enthusiasm sets in.

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