What is a soul?


A soul is an element of the Universal Intelligence. All souls were created at the same instant, at what is commonly called The Big Bang. There are trillions upon trillions of souls in the universe. Many have come into physical form, while many more have not. The soul is intertwined with the body in which it resides for the current lifetime. Access to its vast experience, knowledge and wisdom is usually unavailable to us, and that is one of the reasons we need to rely upon our companion/teacher guide

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More about forgiveness


It may not seem like much, but forgiveness is actually the critical first step to take to heal chronic diseases. So how does that work?

Holding onto old hurts means that we have put them into a mental vault for safe-keeping. Every now and then we open the vault and review them, just to refresh our pain. We quickly lock our memories away again, for fear of losing them and placing ourselves at risk of being re-injured.

Forgiveness takes our memories out of the vault as we seek to gain understanding about the traumatic events we have experienced. Afterward, the memories can move to a different location in the brain. In this new location, the memories can be recalled, or even shared, without re-inflicting emotional anguish.

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About sacrifice


Sacrifice means being willing to set aside our needs or beliefs in order to be of service to the Universal Intelligence. This willingness, I believe, is a recognition that our Creator knows what is truly best for our soul’s development and growth. So even though giving up what we want to do – in favour of what the Universal Intelligence (through our guide in meditation) has asked us to do (or not do) – may seem like a sacrifice, is it really a sacrifice if the purpose is to help us?

Sometimes sacrifice means having to say ‘no’ to someone because our helping would interfere with required life lessons. Just the small act of saying no, can start reducing co-dependency. This can feel like a huge sacrifice, yet it’s a small price to pay for freedom.

Excerpted from Section 6 of my website.
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Rethinking gratitude


All too often we rush out to buy a thank you gift for the thank you gift that someone gave us. Far better to allow the giver the honour of having expressed their gratitude to us. Giving a response gift diminishes us, because it makes us look we’re trying to be more thoughtful, or generous, or grateful. It’s almost like having to have the last word in a conversation. Accepting their gift with humility and grace dignifies both our act of kindness and their gratitude for it.

Expecting gratitude is the flip side of the coin. Expecting children to be grateful for every little thing is, I think, asking too much. After all, we do not ask to be born, or to be fed, or clothed or housed or educated. It is one thing to naturally feel gratitude (and we do!); it is a completely different thing to be guilt-tripped into feeling it.

Christians say that the greatest gift ever given was that of Jesus’s death on the cross. Millions of people get stuck in a guilt/gratitude cycle every year at this time, but surely Jesus would not want us punishing ourselves the way we do. Wouldn’t it be better to live as he did? Let us treat others as we would like to be treated, with kindness, compassion, and the benefit of the doubt.

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Why we wear the clothes we wear


We often have a favourite style of clothing, but realize that some events require us to wear a specific style. Even though it may or may not be our first choice, we manage to dress appropriately, knowing that we’ll be able to return to our chosen style soon enough. Some people however, refuse to venture outside of their style no matter what. The choices below represent an unspoken spiritual need to either receive special attention – or to avoid it at all cost. Please note: this does not refer to those who have no choice about what they wear.

Ill-fitted – Too big – Wanting to hide yet hoping to be seen; wishing for sympathetic attention

Ill-fitted – Too small – Trying to create drama and chaos, with self at the centre

Inappropriate – Casual – Lack of regard for the things that others respect and/or admire

Inappropriate – Formal – Wanting to escape reality, wanting to not be held responsible

Inappropriate – Revealing – Desire to throw people off balance so as to maintain control of the situation

Loud dresser – Silently begging for a confrontation to justify one’s wish to shout someone down. Defiance

Quiet dresser – Desire to avoid contact or communication of any sort

SoiledSilent rebellion

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