Spiritual visitations

What not to do, what to do, what it feels like, and who they are

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Spiritual Visitations - 1s

Spiritual Visitations - 2s





The spiritual aspect of stress

This is a self-imposed punishment for having judged, criticized and condemned self to be a failure. The condemnation, the sentence, is harming ourselves in some way, either spiritually or physically.

Spiritual effects of the pattern: Withholding from self whatever it is that one most wants

Physical effects of the pattern: Addictions, hypertension, insomnia, isolation

How to change the pattern: Meditate to learn our triggers

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Negative energies and entities


Q: Can negative energies and entities harm us?

A: No. Negative entities, ghosts, hobgoblins and other such figures exist only in the negative thoughts, attitudes and emotions of human beings. We may be frightened at the thought of them, but since they do not have physical form, they have no power over us – only our fear has power. The same holds true for witchcraft, black magic, voodoo-ism and curses (or blessings for that matter). Additionally, vampires and/or re-animated dead people do not, in fact cannot, exist – dead is dead. When the physical body dies, the soul who inhabited it leaves and continues on its journey, to its next stage of development. It does not / cannot re-enter because dead tissue cannot be re-animated.

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The mark of the beast



Q:  Is it possible to accidentally receive the mark of the beast, namely the number 666 and be sent to Hell for it?

A:  No. The so-called ‘mark of the beast’ is a symbolic representation of willingly agreeing with, supporting or following, the beast. What is the beast? The beast represents the darkest, negative aspects of human behaviour. There are many world leaders, in both the public and private sectors, who are selfish, self-aggrandizing, greedy, power-hungry, murderous, authoritarian – and worse. However, there are also plenty of regular people, just like you and me, with those same behaviours. Since we all have negative thoughts, attitudes and emotions, we could all be considered to have received the mark – no one is above the spiritual laws. Any soul in human form has the potential to behave in negative ways (see free will). It is important to know that there is no such place as Hell because nothing we could do to cause God to condemn any soul to spend eternity away from Him. We are his children. We are loved unconditionally.

Excerpted from Section 7 of my website http://goo.gl/QHDgMs
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The first step in learning to meditate in a new way is to pay attention to our thoughts. It’s enlightening! All we need to do is pretend that our thoughts are someone else talking to us. Here’s how it can sound …


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Why is there so much terrorism and violence in the world nowadays?


Terrorism and violence have existed – in one form or another – as long as humans have existed, and will continue to exist so long as we choose to strike out physically instead of communicating with one another. One has only to look at the many billions of dollars being spent by countries around the world on protection against invasion of any sort, to see that we humans have a tremendous fear of being attacked without warning. That fear manifests in all sorts of ways besides terrorism though: illness, accidents and injuries are but a few.

So long as we hold onto grudges against those who have harmed either us or our loved ones, so long as we feel the need for revenge, so long as we feel the need to control one another, terrorism and violence will continue to exist. These horrors are not caused by the devil – they are caused by our own negative thoughts, attitudes and emotions. That means that we – and only we – have the power, indeed the responsibility, to change the world.

So how do we change? Click here to get started. Check out my blog article on Legacy Resentment

Excerpted from Section 7 of my website http://goo.gl/QHDgMs
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Two famous people have said, “It is done”. The first was Jesus; the second was James Comey. For context, Jesus said these words on the cross, moments before passing away. It is believed that he meant that his mission on Earth (for that era) was complete. He received no justice.

Comey used these words in his letter to “all”, released after Trump fired him from his role as FBI Director. I’ve pondered why Comey used these particular words, and speculate that he meant that Trump, by firing him, had sealed his fate. Comey received no justice; however, let’s hope that the American people will.