Quality of life


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Quality of life



About pain


Spiritual meaning of pain

The Universal Intelligence teaches that physical pain occurs to let us know that we are in emotional or spiritual pain, and that we have unrecognized or unresolved issues. Also, for some who are unable to express their emotional needs, telling others that they are feeling physical pain is the only way to get some much-needed attention (even if it’s not for the right reason).


Spiritual component of the different types of pain

Dull ache – Longing to be comforted. Unresolved emotional/spiritual pain and/or sorrow. Holding onto false, hurtful beliefs

Sharp, stabbing – Signal to show that one just had a negative thought, attitude or emotion (e.g. anger, envy, judgment, etc.)

Stiffness – Rigid thinking and unwilling to look at other options or make any changes

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Meditation and the fine art of asking questions



Many people give up on meditating, claiming that they never receive answers to their questions.


This can happen if:

  • The wording is confusing
  • Several questions are asked in the same breath, along with every possible answer to each of them
  • No question is asked, just making a statement and waiting for the Universe to agree or disagree


Try to think like a reporter and:

  • Consider exactly what information we want
  • Write out or type the question
  • No need to explain why we want to know
  • Use as few words as possible and use simple, clear, straightforward phrasing
  • Ask one question at a time and wait for the answer before moving on to the next question

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Our spiritual diet


Our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, beliefs and desires form our spiritual diet. We may not hear them, but make no mistake – they are incredibly powerful. “Eating” the same old thoughts every single day produces the same old reality every day … and we wonder why nothing ever seems to change.

We have the power to change ourselves. We have the power to change the world.

Here’s a sample of some common thought patterns that can all be changed:

This - sounds like this 50

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