Gift giving


Gift giving can be a wonderful expression of affection and appreciation, but it stops being wonderful when it starts creating undue stress or financial burden. Understanding our motives for giving gifts, and especially for wanting to give lavish gifts, can stop a guilty conscience from making us overspend this holiday season. Far better to offer a meaningful “I’m sorry”.

Here’s a win-win option: Rather than exchanging gifts, gather donations (of money, food, toys, toiletries, etc.) from friends, family and co-workers and deliver them to a charity of choice.

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War, genocide, crimes against humanity and acts of terrorism continue to occur, just as they have throughout history. Of course we must stand up to bullies and aggressors; pacifism is simply not sufficient to stop those on a path of wanton destruction. We must be willing to defend our way of life, yet we cannot sink to barbarism when meting out justice to the attackers. Doing so only perpetuates the cycle of karmic debt – far better to employ restorative justice.

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War is hell

War is hell and here is visible proof

This website shows the striking differences between wartime and peacetime. Click on each photo to transition from 1944 to 2014 and back again. The pictures are awe-inspiring, they remind us of the horrors of war, and they underline the importance of finding non-violent solutions to human strife.