Inner voice


Do you ignore your invoice? Tell it to shut up? Argue with it?

Try asking it some questions instead – you might be surprised.

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Free will – a double-edged sword


Just as free will is humanity’s greatest hope, so is it our biggest threat. Free will allows us to choose what to believe, how to behave, how to treat others. The trouble is that we feel justified in choosing to believe the worst, to behave poorly, to be unkind – without even realizing it. And that is the threat.

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Why are there side effects from medications?


These are unexpected reactions to things that are supposed to help us heal, that result from our unrecognized beliefs and desires about:

  • That which has been prescribed or given as treatment
  • The person who gave us the prescription or treatment
  • Our desire to stay sick or to get better
  • Our beliefs about our ability to heal
  • Our beliefs about whether we are worthy of being helped
  • Our desire or lack thereof to be cooperative with authority figures (like healthcare providers)

Since our TAEBSD are extremely complex and intertwined, the above are just a few of the many possibilities that can affect the results of treatments/medications. However, once we’ve recognized the spiritual components of the cause of our side effect(s), we can start healing from within by really resolving the issue. Then the treatments/medications can start to do their job. Just think how our healing could improve by doing this sort of work! Visit my website and find out how.  No gimmicks, fees, ads or membership. Ever.


Feedback loops

a-single-constituent-of-the-neutron-2733262_960_720Spiritual feedback loops can occur if we have an unresolved issue but are unwilling or unable to do anything about it except obsessively think “I wish (fill in the blank) was different. I could change it by doing (fill in the blank) but I can’t because (fill in the blank).” Read about Status quo bias

Effects of the pattern:
Repeatedly suffering the same injury, whether emotional or physical.

Change the pattern:
Instead of saying “I can’t because …” say “I must because …” Then make a plan that will enable the change, and do whatever is needed to make it a reality.

Your body will thank you!