Echo chamber


We can be said to be living in a self-imposed echo chamber, if we instantly dismiss ideas about spirituality that disagree with our own. How can we grow spiritually stronger, wiser, if we refuse to look at new information? The physical consequences of such a choice can include hearing and vision loss, leg, foot and gait issues, and certain forms of arthritis.

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Do you know someone who takes every single chance to point out people’s flaws and past mistakes? They really believe they are just being helpful, but they are fooling themselves because it doesn’t help at all. It is done to make themselves feel better, and it does, for awhile. But then, as with any addictive substance, the guilt sets in. They swear to themselves they will never do it again, and they don’t … until the next time. They just can’t seem to help themselves.

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The spiritual law of complacency


“I’ve got this figured out. It’s easy.” This state of mind (cause) requires the Universe to present us with a wake-up challenge (effect). The type of challenge depends on the circumstances under which the statement was made, but rest assured, triggers will be presented that will test our resolve and our understanding.

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