Sons of Light vs. Sons of Darkness

“Sons of light” vs. “sons of darkness” is a biblical reference to humans. It infers that some of us (the good ones) come from God, while the rest of us (the bad ones) come from Evil.

The newer understanding is that this is a reference to human behaviors, rather than to our actual nature. In Truth, we are all children of the Universal Intelligence*.

Within each of us is the capacity for great good (light) and great evil (darkness). The point is that each of us can flip either way, given the circumstances of the moment. No one is all good or all evil.

Sons of-2

* Universal Intelligence: The Source of everything. It is energy: deeply intelligent, responsive, unconditionally loving, energy. When connecting with it, we may feel an upwelling of emotion that literally brings tears to our eyes. We know then that everything is ok; there’s nothing we need to do or change to gain approval. We are loved unconditionally in every moment of our existence.

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