Our Spiritual Nutrition presents Universal truth in order to shed light upon the darkness of false belief systems; so that we may find our personal connection with the Universal Intelligence and gain self-awareness and inner peace.

Our Spiritual Nutrition envisions a day when all humanity is able to work consciously with the Universal Intelligence.

About the author
Through a new form of meditation, the Universal Intelligence has taught me that our guides hear our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, belief systems and desires – and they cooperate with them! Until we recognize and improve our spiritual diet, we are destined to keep experiencing the negative experiences and patterns that are caused by our thoughts.

I believe that the next step in human evolution is the refinement of our spiritual diet, that is, our thoughts, attitudes and emotions.

How I came to this realization
Born in Winnipeg, I was placed for adoption at age 6 months.  I was adopted and raised by loving parents who did their best.

My life was spent in trying to please others, in trying to rescue others, in trying to avoid any unpleasant situations. Confrontation was always extremely unpleasant; so many methods were developed in order to keep the peace in all my relationships.

Suppression, even repression, of strong emotions began when I was very young, and this contributed greatly to the need to control others. It also contributed greatly to the need for self-medication; that is, tobacco, drugs and alcohol were used in an effort to numb those feelings.

Through working with the Universal Intelligence, positive change has come. Self-esteem has risen gradually, along with recognition of the desire to be of service. This is no longer a desire to rescue others, nor is it a desire to make others do things in a certain way. It is a desire to be of assistance when assistance has been invited. It is a desire to help change circumstances for humanity. It is a desire to help people recall their true nature and their true connection with the Universal Intelligence. It is a desire to do the will of God.

My website and related materials have been written at the prompting of the Universal Intelligence. They have made it very clear to me that this time in history is very important, for many reasons. Not only is it a time that has been prophesied about for many centuries, it is also a time when information travels between individuals and nations nearly instantaneously. It is a time of heightened spiritual awakening, when people seem somehow to be awaiting something unknown. The voice within us (the voice of the Universal Intelligence) is whispering something: It is now time for the next step forward in human evolution. We must now accept new responsibility for ourselves, and take the steps given by God to change ourselves.
© Copyright ‘Making Change in Our Lives’ by Sheila A. McBeath 1999-2016. All Rights Reserved


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