Do you know someone who takes every single chance to point out people’s flaws and past mistakes? They really believe they are just being helpful, but they are fooling themselves because it doesn’t help at all. It is done to make themselves feel better, and it does, for awhile. But then, as with any addictive substance, the guilt sets in. They swear to themselves they will never do it again, and they don’t … until the next time. They just can’t seem to help themselves.

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The spiritual law of complacency


“I’ve got this figured out. It’s easy.” This state of mind (cause) requires the Universe to present us with a wake-up challenge (effect). The type of challenge depends on the circumstances under which the statement was made, but rest assured, triggers will be presented that will test our resolve and our understanding.

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Free will – a double-edged sword


Just as free will is humanity’s greatest hope, so is it our biggest threat. Free will allows us to choose what to believe, how to behave, how to treat others. The trouble is that we feel justified in choosing to believe the worst, to behave poorly, to be unkind – without even realizing it. And that is the threat.

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Feedback loops

a-single-constituent-of-the-neutron-2733262_960_720Spiritual feedback loops can occur if we have an unresolved issue but are unwilling or unable to do anything about it except obsessively think “I wish (fill in the blank) was different. I could change it by doing (fill in the blank) but I can’t because (fill in the blank).” Read about Status quo bias

Effects of the pattern:
Repeatedly suffering the same injury, whether emotional or physical.

Change the pattern:
Instead of saying “I can’t because …” say “I must because …” Then make a plan that will enable the change, and do whatever is needed to make it a reality.

Your body will thank you!


Quantum entanglement in spiritual terms


Commonly known as karma, this system of checks and balances ensures repayment of all favours given and debts incurred throughout each of our incarnations. How? Once souls in physical form have interacted, they are connected across space and time until they understand – and forgive – their motives for actions taken or not taken. This information is recorded in the Akashic records, so our guides know exactly what is owed to whom. Repayment comes in the form of lessons, which are presented by each soul’s guide in the appropriate incarnation at the appropriate time. The system applies to individuals as well as groups, as can be seen in nations that continually battle. Until there is forgiveness on both sides, the warring will continue.

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Spiritual component of Spite


Spite is an act of harming self in the hope that the one(s) who hurt us will notice and then feel guilty for what they did.

Sounds like: “I refuse to enjoy life or be successful because of the way you treated me”.

Spiritual effects of the pattern: Choosing to live one’s life in misery or deprivation; returning a cherished gift to the giver; thoughts of suicide or abandonment.

Physical effects of the pattern: Heart/lung issues, high cholesterol, digestive or nose problems, sinusitis.

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