All this talk about health care in the United States has given me a new appreciation for Tommy Douglas. Mr. Douglas was a Canadian politician who worked for publicly funded health coverage for all Canadians.

Thanks largely to his vision, health care in Canada is a right. This right is not without cost; it is paid for with tax dollars.

Our system is not perfect by any means, but is a work-in-process. I believe that as more people resolve their inner child issues, the high incidence of chronic diseases will decrease thereby reducing reliance on medicine to fix our ills. Think of the billions of dollars and needless suffering of patients (and their loved ones) that could be spared.

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Using our words


Why is violence as a form of expression acceptable? Whatever happened to using our words to express our displeasure with someone or something? Are we lazy? Or ignorant? Or terrified? Or hopeless that we’ll be heard? Do we feel justified in treating others as less than human? (Shades of political regimes built on the low self-esteem of its leaders.)

How can we expect young children to express themselves verbally rather than violently, if we fail to model that behaviour in front of them (the height of hypocrisy)? Yet society begins with children.

Praying or meditating for world peace is pointless, so long as violence is a viable option. For it to become a reality, we must use our words instead of striking out in violence. Society will eventually change, but until violence has been outlawed, a strong defense will be necessary.

Changing society is in our hands – it begins with us.

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Spiritual component of Spite


Spite is an act of harming self in the hope that the one(s) who hurt us will notice and then feel guilty for what they did.

Sounds like: “I refuse to enjoy life or be successful because of the way you treated me”.

Spiritual effects of the pattern: Choosing to live one’s life in misery or deprivation; returning a cherished gift to the giver; thoughts of suicide or abandonment.

Physical effects of the pattern: Heart/lung issues, high cholesterol, digestive or nose problems, sinusitis.

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Busy thoughts

Everyone be like1

Everyone be like … I want … I need … I hope … I hate … I love …

This is what the Universal Intelligence hears, 24/7, from all 7 billion or so of us. Meditation enables us to reduce and refine our thoughts.

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What happens when we hate someone?


Whether it’s directed toward self or another:

Spiritually, responding with hatred shuts down any desire to seek understanding. Hatred creates intolerance, self-righteousness and, believe it or not, shame. Why shame? Because deep down inside we know that it’s wrong to hate!

Physically, hatred can be a key component in the following conditions: arthritis, eye issues, heartburn / indigestion, liver disease, sinus problems.

How to change the pattern: If we feel hatred toward someone, try to understand why. There are plenty of people out there who behave horribly, so there will be lots of “growth opportunities” for us. Remember, that which we dislike most about others is within ourselves.

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Childhood trauma – Food for thought


Science is finding that traumatic childhood experiences impact our health in adulthood. The unresolved issues created by trauma put us at risk for developing many chronic diseases.

Trauma means different things to different people. Of course trauma includes easily identifiable events like abuse or neglect, but it also includes seemingly harmless incidents such as getting lost, or losing a pet or a treasured item, or experiencing injustice. Whether anyone else agrees with us, the fact is that if it happened to us and it hurt us, it was a traumatic event for us – and needs to be resolved.

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