Stopping gossip and fake news


Nothing spreads faster than gossip and fake news, but we can slow them down. Be the one to quit spreading the words and the sentiment. Seek understanding before judging, criticising and condemning. Before sharing, verify: if it’s false, don’t share it; if it cannot be verified, don’t share it. If it’s true, it’s not gossip.

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Life lessons


As souls in human form, we face many spiritual challenges. One of these is to overcome the temptation to hate. If we fail to grasp the lesson that all are equally loved by the Universal Intelligence, the spiritual laws of reincarnation and karma ensures that we return to try, try again. Failure of groups and nations to “get it” creates negative societal patterns such as legacy guilt and legacy resentment.

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Tolerance: A learned behaviour

As Nelson Mandela said, “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

In keeping with this idea, I’m sharing a link to a powerful video presentation from PBS Frontline, “A Class Divided”
“The day after Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed, a teacher in a small town in Iowa tried a daring classroom experiment. She decided to treat children with blue eyes as superior to children with brown eyes. FRONTLINE explores what those children learned about discrimination and how it still affects them today.”

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Quantum entanglement in spiritual terms


Commonly known as karma, this system of checks and balances ensures repayment of all favours given and debts incurred throughout each of our incarnations. How? Once souls in physical form have interacted, they are connected across space and time until they understand – and forgive – their motives for actions taken or not taken. This information is recorded in the Akashic records, so our guides know exactly what is owed to whom. Repayment comes in the form of lessons, which are presented by each soul’s guide in the appropriate incarnation at the appropriate time. The system applies to individuals as well as groups, as can be seen in nations that continually battle. Until there is forgiveness on both sides, the warring will continue.

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Vibrational frequency


We are assigned a specific vibrational frequency for each incarnation. It is not static; rather, It is fluid in that it responds to our reactions to our life experiences. Reducing and refining our negative thoughts increases it, while dwelling in negativity lowers it.

We have the innate capability to raise it even beyond the assigned frequency, although doing so requires tremendous dedication to changing self.

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