If you’ve never had an epiphany, I can tell you that it’s one of the most amazing experiences we can have as humans. We’re never too young or too old to start working with the Universe to identify and resolve inner issues. This process produces epiphanies and brings spiritual enlightenment.

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What can we do to #FightTerrorism?


Don’t give in to hate, even though it’s easier than seeking understanding. Work to change the conditions that allow poverty and prejudice, inequality and injustice to exist in your corner of the world. Remember, that which we dislike most about others is within ourselves.

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Why don’t our guides keep us from coming to harm?


Whether or not we come to harm in life largely depends upon whether we pay attention to our thoughts. Very often, the guides warn us to do or not do something, or go or not go somewhere. It is our choice whether to heed the warning. We may never know how many people meet with harm who ignored their guide’s suggestion, but we are hearing of more and more people who do pay attention, who live to tell the tale.

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Accident proneness


Desire to prove that we are not as good as we hope everyone thinks. Injuries are a way to bring attention to the fact that we are in pain and distress and in dire need of nurturing or sympathetic attention. Injuries can be used as an excuse to under-perform, and often occur just before one’s performance is to be judged or tested (fear of failure/success, fear of being shamed or honored).

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The spiritual aspect of stress

This is a self-imposed punishment for having judged, criticized and condemned self to be a failure. The condemnation, the sentence, is harming ourselves in some way, either spiritually or physically.

Spiritual effects of the pattern: Withholding from self whatever it is that one most wants

Physical effects of the pattern: Addictions, hypertension, insomnia, isolation

How to change the pattern: Meditate to learn our triggers

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